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Getting things in order...

We need to decide who is going to do what and where. I know that Ji and Tama are going to be fast-forwarding time a bit in Japan, but we need to get together to decide what everyone else is going to be doing while Ji and Tama get settled in Japan.

As far as I know, the Taikyoku group (Kaen, Chichiri, Chiriko, Tasuki, Miaka, Taiitsukun, Mitsukake) are going to be sending Miaka back to her world to keep her safe until Ji is found and dealt with (I think?) and Tasuki and Chiriko are supposed to be going along to help.

What I'm thinking, though, (after chatting with Hane) is that it would make sense for Nakago and some of the Seiryuu to sorta join forces with the Suzaku in a show of good faith; something along the lines of Nakago offering to help with Ji/Miboshi in a sort of "Sorry about that. Our bad." kinda way. In reality, though, it would be to get Miboshi back so that they could have their own summoning and Nakago could wrest a wish of immortality out of Yui (though how he'd manage that when he hadn't spent much time with her in order to gain her unwavering trust, I don't know).

Uhm... ideas? Comments? Suggestions? Anything?



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Oct. 16th, 2009 08:58 pm (UTC)
Okay so I know that this is late in replying but I am of course up for that idea :) Also, I'm still waiting on a post for the Miaka-Kaen thread. I'm hoping we can wrap that up soon so that we can get Miaka and the others on their way.
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