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All right ladies...

So, it seems that we're down to just us four, then. I haven't seen movement from anyone but Hane, Kat, and Heather, and I'm done waiting. So! The Hall of Mirrors thread is finished.

Kat, Heather, Hane; any of you have any ideas as far as what to do with the people on the mountain at this juncture? I know Hane was making burbles about Miaka making some movement at night and finding a jittery bandit who was in search of food (since he refuses to eat in the main dining room with everyone), but I haven't heard anything else out of anyone as far as what we wanted to do with them. I know we can't really skip too much time, or it'll seem more like fanfic rather than a game, but I was thinking that it would be a good idea to move ahead to throwing Miaka back to her world.

But, are we sending her home for her own safety and sending people with her or are we just sending her home? (Tasuki's gonna jump in as she leaves no matter what, so he's mostly gonna lurk in that thread until the end.)

And, Kat, did you wanna take Chichiri again or should I just keep him?

And, I'm going to be gone from Wednesday evening until Monday evening for my trip, so if things start moving while I'm gone, either skip me, or have Tasuki run off, or, whichever of my other characters is in the way, sit and watch what is going on.