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Soi/Chichiri, it is your turn in your respective threads. Please, post when you have a minute. ^_^

Oh yeah...

Oh yeah, before I forget...

We'd like to get everyone together for another omake session either a couple of days before Samhain (Halloween) or a couple of days after. I have no idea about your schedules, so please pop a note up here and we'll see if we can hash out a date for the omake session. I hope to have more than last time (though we had a blast with the few who showed :D ) and possibly see about having a spooky theme to it. Seishi go trick-or-treating, or something to that effect. (Why do I picture Tasuki and Tamahome ganging up on Amiboshi and dressing him in Seiryuu no Miko's summoning outfit? >D )

Lemme know! :D

Hi all! :D ~Modly Update~

So, I'm really confused by the order in the Hoto-tachi thread and I have no idea who's turn it is but I think it's Tama's turn. I might be wrong, so those of you in that thread, please take a look and see if it's your turn. ^_^

The Yui-tachi thread has moved here and there's no established order (or point) yet, so please, if you're in that thread, pop over and see if you'd like to post now or wait and let someone else do so first. Also, Chiri, if you do pop in on Tasuki in that thread, you'll have to time travel since (I think?) Kaen, Tas, Yui, Ami, and Su are a day ahead. (Or he could just show up that evening while Tasuki and Kaen are cooking. XD )

Kouji and Aidou, you two are free to relax seeing as how you're a day ahead of even the Kutou people (I think?) but be sure to have your "Oh so fun time" posted by the end of the month. I'm hoping to move them to the mountain before Tasuki-tachi get there. (You and I will have to get together and see how we're gonna play the Hakurou and Genrou reunion thing. ^^;; )

So... um, yep. That's it. XD Posts are needed all around so I'm not pointing out specific people. ^_^

Oh, and be sure to either let me know or post a note here if any of you plan to be MIA for awhile so that we know to either creatively skip or wait for you. 2 week rule is still in effect. Just to let you know. ^_^


Hello minna-san!

Guess what? Yup, you knew it was gonna happen, so here I am, again, asking for all roleplayers who would like to join a new Fushigi Yuugi based game to please head over to [info]fyrpg_4miko.

Details of the game are: Under the Cut.Collapse )


Hi all! Okay, I'd really like to apologize for being so crammed into school that I haven't been taking as good a care of the game as I should have, but I will try harder in the future.

On that note, I'm putting up an Omake session date. October 3rd at 6PM EST. This date is tentative and so is the time. Please let me know if the following day would be easier or not and what times people will be available. I'm scheduling this so far in advance so that we can possibly have a really good turn out this time. Less chance of things already being planned. ^.~

Let me know, guys!



I am going to go on a cruise from September 14 to 22. During that time I won't be able to post due to the internet cafe on the ship being extra money and me being broke. As Kouji is pretty much waiting for Adiou and I just posted Keisuke and Tetsuya I don't forsee any problems with them posting but I just wanted to give you guys a heads up.

Here we go again...

Seeing as how Nakago-mun has been unavailable and hasn't seen fit to post a note letting me know that she won't be available for a while, I'm taking him back. Tomo-mun, please get with me and we'll see what we can work out with Nakago, Tomo and Jao for the next while. I know that I'm usually laid back when it comes to people posting, but since Nakago is sort of the big bad in this version of the game, I kind of need him to post and stay caught up.

I can't say that I'm not upset that another character has been wandered away from, but I can sort of understand the pressure of keeping the evil quota up to par is a bit much. So, I'm taking Nakago up again.

I'm still recruiting for the few characters that are available (because it gets kind of meh to play more than five characters in a single game) and I hope to have someone take at least one off of my hands.

Characters available are as follows:

Tentative Quing Jao (Kuto Princess)
Tentative Nakago

Players who are already playing and would like another character, please see me, otherwise I'll be pimping them to players I know around the internet.

Hopefully we'll get back into playing trim and up to speed soon. Of course, school is starting soon so I might be a bit harder to catch online. 18 credit hours this semester, so yeah, I might be slowing down a bit. ^^;;

Mod Post

Hello all!

Just a modly reminder.

Hotohori-mun, it is your turn in your thread and has been for seven days. Please post when you have a moment. ^_^

Nakago-mun, it is your turn to post and has been for eleven days. Please post soon or get with me and Tomo-mun so that we can get some plotting done and move things forward.

Others who have not been posting are waiting on slower threads so I can't really poke them. I happen to be late in posting Aidou (which I always forget to do).

A friendly reminder to all: There is a time limit on lack of posting. 14 days and/or multiple absences without notice ends in either Hane or myself taking the character. I really hate to do that, but if I have to then I will.

That is all.



Hello all!

I'm going to be signing off tonight and won't be back until Monday evening or Tuesday morning. Hane will be back on the 9th. In the two and a half days that you guys will be unattended, please, please, please don't knock over the goldfish bowl, no wild parties and the only kind of smuttiness that should be going on is consensual stuff. The alcohol cabinet is locked so there shouldn't be any drunken swinging from the chandelier. But, that doesn't mean to swing from there while sober either. Not without a ton of pics so that Hane and I can laugh our backsides off. ^.~

Be good, have fun, and try not to cave the place in? *snuggles* Ja minna!
Aidou: "You know this for a fact? Are you his lover? Tell me! Tell me!" She was all but bouncing in place, titillated by the naughty things she could picture her brother doing with the man across from her. "Is he good? I bet he is." She sighed, a hand cupping one cheek as her eyes went sparkly.

Kouji: Honey me and Genrou have been lover fer years. In fact your brother rocks my world every night. And there is this thing he does with his tongue that just fabulous. Just sit back and I will tell you everything while I paint your toenails.

Somehow I picture this happening with Kouji dressed up in a pink half shirt and tight leather pants.