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Fushigi Yugi RPG: The Alternate Story ((OOC Community))

For ooc discussions, ideas, and meetings.

Fushigi Yuugi: The Alternate Story (OOC)
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
;The Way Things Work....

This is the Out-Of-Character community, where players can hold OOC discussions concerning the storyline, characters, and any ideas anyone may have to make this community rpg better.

Basically you can clutter up this community with talk; I won't be so nitpicky about it, as long as it stays semi-on topic with what we're doing. :)

You MUST post to this community if you are going to be away for extended periods of time so that other players know to skip you.

To summarize: This community is for OOC discussions, the other is strictly for role-playing.

;Taken Characters....
Updated May 17, 2008

* = played by a mod

Character Name : Character Journal : Contact

*Yuuki Miaka: hanepoo : lefuzzypoo (AIM), fuzzypoo2002 (YIM), kaia_morgana (MSN)
Hongo Yui: yui_rpg : ninluv (MSN), karmicdreaming (AIM)

Suzaku Seishi
Tamahome: tamahome_kun : divana1701 (AIM), nyota1701 (YIM)
*Hotohori: hanepoo : lefuzzypoo (AIM), fuzzypoo2002 (YIM), kaia_morgana (MSN)
Nuriko: deceased
Chichiri: chichiri_chan : rumielf (MSN)
*Tasuki: tasuki_no_baka : yahnkehy4051 (YIM), fangboybandit (AIM)
Mitsukake: available
Chiriko: available

Seiryuu Seishi
*Nakago: hanepoo : fuzzypoo2002 (YIM), kaia_morgana (MSN) (available to interested parties)
Amiboshi: available
Suboshi: available
Soi: available
Ashitare: ashitare_wolf : ellis1342 (MSN)
Tomo: available
Miboshi: revenantfiend : katgraham18 (MSN)

Secondary/Supporting Characters
Yuuki Keisuke: keisukeniichan : firesoul
Kajiwara Tetsuya: keisuke_tetsuya : spikechick78 (AIM)
Koji: hanepoo : fuzzypoo2002 (YIM), kaia_morgana (MSN) *available should someone wish to take him*

Other Characters Available Upon Request

NPCS (can be controlled by players as appropriate for certain scenes)